Photo Gallery

Berthing vessel
Tasman Chief coming into Flinders for berthing.
Boat Repair Depot at Queenscliff
This building is primarily used for the maintenance of the pilot boats and outrigging new hulls.
Coxswain in Launch
It is the coxswains responsability to deliver a pilot safely to and from vessels.
Honour Board
The Honour Board records all the pilots and vessels since Port Phillip Sea Pilots started in 1839. Over the years the Board had to be expanded with "wings" to the left and right of the centre main board to accommodate all the pilots.
Pilot Launch alongside a vessel
A lot of skill on the coxswain's part is necessary to deliver the pilot safely aboard or take him safely off.
Pilot Launch
A pilot launch going out through The Rip to rendezvous with an incoming vessel.
Pilot Launches
A different view of pilot launches at their mooring located adjacent to the Queenscliff Boat Repair Depot.
Head Office
In 1990 Port Phillip Sea Pilots re-located from the Customs House in Williamstown to 9-11 Blackwood Street North Melbourne.
Ladder Specifications
A comprehensive card that specifies ladder specifications.
Vessel Arriving in Melbourne
Tremendous skill is needed from the pilot to safely bring the vessels in and out of ports safely. Currents, wind direction and speed can play a major part in navigation. The photo depicts a container vessel coming up the Yarra River.
Satellite photograph of Port Phillip Bay
High resolution satellite photo of Port Phillip Bay.
Queenscliff Station
Queenscliff Station is located at Queenscliff and handles all particulars of assigning pilots to vessels. The front circular room in photograph is the control centre while the remainder of the building provides bedrooms for pilots who need to stay overnight as well as a well appointed kitchen, dinning room and lounge room.
Vessel arriving
High resolution aerial photograph of the vessel Shell Tanker arriving at the Port Of Geelong. The dredged deep water channels can be clearly seen.
Harbour Control - Melbourne
Harbour Control in Melbourne is manned 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. All vessel movements are reported to Harbour Control and in effect acts as a total information post.
Macedon In Geelong
Tug boats are used primarily to safely manoeuvre vessels in areas where the vessel itself is not capable using its own engines.
Cutter - Wyuna
Pilot Cutter "Wyuna" used to be used prior to the Queenscliff Pilot Station and modern day launches being built. It was decommissioned in November 1979.
MSC Don Giovanni
A typical modern container vessel steaming down one of the many Port Phillip Bay channels.
Pilot Jetty - Queenscliff
The Pilot Jetty, located adjacent to the Queenscliff Pilot Station, is used to pick up and drop down pilots who are going to or from vessels coming into or leaving Port Phillip Bay.
Pilot Launches
Pilot launches at their mooring located adjacent to the Queenscliff Boat Repair Depot.
Pilot Launch off Point Lonsdale
Pilot launch on its way to the pilot boarding ground, located in Bass Strait. The Pilot Boarding Ground is the area where pilots are put on board vessels or taken off.