Advising ETA



To ensure the provision of a pilot on arrival at the boarding ground, the Master should ensure that the ETA and deepest draft is sent to Port Phillip Sea Pilots Pty Ltd by Fax (03) 52581952 or E-mail 24 hours before arrival.

Changes in ETA of more than one (1) hour should be amended immediately, and the final ETA must be confirmed four (4) hours before arrival.

Two hours prior to arrival at the Pilot Boarding Ground, vessels are to contact Lonsdale VTS on VHF Ch 12, reporting requirements as per HMD 2.5.2f.

Vessels must thereafter monitor VHF Ch 12 and VHF Ch 09.

One hour prior to arrival Pilot Boarding Ground, vessels should contact Port Phillip Sea Pilots on VHF Ch 09 for pilot boarding instructions. Thereafter all communication to and from the Pilot Duty Officer, the Pilots and the Pilot Launch will be on VHF Ch 09.

After Pilot boarding, all communications with Lonsdale VTS and Melbourne VTS are to be conducted on VHF Ch 12.