Shipping Control and Communications

Lonsdale VTS - 24 hour operation

VTS Lonsdale monitors and controls vessel movements at Port Phillip Heads and South Channels.

CALL SIGN: "Lonsdale VTS"

Melbourne VTS - 24 hour operation

The prime function of Melbourne VTS is to facilitate the safe and efficient movement of shipping within port waters, including

  • co-ordination of port services
  • dissemination of relevant information
  • updating the shipping programme

CALL SIGN: "Melbourne VTS"

Geelong Port Marine Control - 24 hour operation

Geelong Port marine Control monitors and controls traffic within Geelong port waters.

CALL SIGN: "Geelong Port"

Communication Frequencies

Radio Telephone VHF

Purpose Channel
Safety and Emergency 16
Safety 67
Port Working Frequency 12
Pilots 9
Tugs 19
Tugs 2
Tugs (Geelong) 8
Tugs 6
Working 13

All vessels are to monitor channels 12 and 9 in port waters.